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Impact Tigers is an exclusive new platform for martial arts that kids truly love. Take the first step to giving this extraordinary gift to your child today!

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Ages 4 to 7 Years

Impact Tigers


Life Skills

Impact Tigers Training program teach fundamental martial arts skills and lifeskills that form a foundation for successful learning and success!

Goals - Working hard for something you want!

Discipline - Focusing, Being Consistent, Self Control!

Respect - Courtesy, Kindness and Acceptance!

Confidence - Courage, Positive Attitude, Feeling Good about Themselves!

Integrity - Honesty and Accountablility!

Leadership - Being an Example for Others!

Physical Skills

The physical benefits kids expereince in martial arts kick in early and can last an entire lifetime!

Coordination - Building a strong foundation of body awareness with allow anyone a lifetime of physical success!

Strength - Martial Arts builds fundamental calisthenic strength that allow for success in a vast number of sports and activities

Flexability - A Strong and supple body allow kids to risk less injury, and enjoy a longer healthier lifetime of injury free activity!

Active Life Style - Consistent rewarding activity build a love of the physical and offer a lifetime habit of fitness.

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The best way to know if this program is for you is to come and try out a class in real life. See the Instructors connect with the kids, see the results from other students and see how your child responds to the instructors.